The Spiritual Gifts Assessment & Workshop has been designed to help you discover God’s unique blueprint for your life. We have provided questionnaires and assessments to help guide you in the process of personal discovery. Although these forms can be an important tool, they are not the only part that is essential. God has placed us in community with a body of believers so that we can receive honest feedback. An important aspect of discovering one’s gifts is to seek counsel and advice from other spirit-led men and women. If you feel you are being led into a certain area of ministry, but no one else in the body recognizes it, then you must begin to question if this is really where God is directing. As you go through this journey, be open to what others say. Take to heart their wisdom and counsel. Proverbs 11:13 tells us that there is safety in the counsel of many.


To begin the discovery process please select any one (or two) of the spiritual gifts questionnaires below.  Fill it out at your convenience and then send it back to us so an elder or the pastor can review it with you and help place you in the right ministry. We will be praying for you as you seek after God to co-labour with Him. He promises that when we seek after Him with all of our heart, He will make Himself known (Jer. 29:13). 


May the Lord bless you in your journey.




Youth Spiritual Gifts Assessment Overview 

Youth Spiritual Gifts Questionnaire